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On Halloween, 24 brothers put on their purple shirts and suited up to volenteer at Kids Block Party in downtown Brea. 

Each brother helped run games for the kids to play and pass out candy in order to make this a great Halloween for the kids. 

We are proud to be reaching out helping the kids of our community!

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Rock Chapter Pledge 2013  The Brothers of Lambda Upsilon Stand for excellence. We will settle for nothing less. In order to support our vision of becoming a Rock Chapter, the brothers bound together in ambition and confidence to sign a pledge that shows our dedication to its achievement!

“We, the Knights of Lambda Upsilon Chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity hereby give our solem pledge to attain Rock Chapter status at the 2016 Sigma Nu Grand Chapter conference. The Rock Chapter award is only bestowed upon the collegiate chapters that have achieved excellence in all areas of operations. We acknowledge the magnitude of our vision and stive to be amongst the elite of collegiate fraternities. We acknowledge the potential in ourselves and of future brothers to come. We accept the challenge of bettering ourselves, our brothers, and our communities through ruthless ambition. We WILL be the men who took Lambda Upsilon to heights never seen before.”

We will not waver. We will not back down. We will see victory! 

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Rush Sigma Nu 


Casino Night

– Thursday September 6th – 6:30pm

– Pine 111 @ New Dorms


Fullerton Double Decker Bus Tour

– Friday September 7th – 6pm

– Meet @ Gastronome OR Go On IFC House Tours


Billiards Night

– Monday September 10th – 6pm

– TSU Underground


Sports Day & B-B-Q

– Tuesday September 11th – 4pm

– Chapman Park, or Meet at Gastronome


Buffalo Wild Wings

– Wednesday September 12th – 6pm

– Meet at Gastronome or BWW in Brea


At Sigma Nu, we dare to be men different from the rest, and refuse to let the rest turn us into different men. Sigma Nu is the best because we recruit the best. We encourage you to research our values, history, and traditions and not let this once in a lifetime opportunity pass you by. If you are interested in Sigma Nu, want more information, or just want to talk, feel free to email the recruitment officer, who can be found on our members page




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This Semester we are hitting LEAD Hard. Here’s a Recent Picture of Division Commander Jordan Wu going through a LEAD phase with our chapter. We are having LEAD sessions every other week, featuring guest facilitators. If you would like to be a guest facilitator, please contact our LEAD Chairman.

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Recently at the 65th Annual Grand Chapter, two of our chapters brothers got to witness when Jerry Fields donated $1.5 Million to the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation. Our chapter thanks him for his generous gift which will greatly benefit the national fraternity.

Read more about it HERE

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Every year Sigma Nu is the most represented fraternity at Camp Titan, Cal State Fullerton’s Official Philanthropy. This year we had seven brothers acting as Counselors & Staff Members. We love this program and will continue to be heavily involved for years to come!

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Greek Week 2012

Sigma Nu representing at Greek Week 2012

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Beta Phi

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Come join CSUF’s best fraternity in an amazing week of extraordinary events! 
Get to know the gentlemen of SIGMA NU while showing off your skills and see why its beneficial to be a part of something greater than yourself!

Wednesday Feb 1st Buffalo Wild Wings Brea 6-9pm
Thursday Feb 2nd Mechanical Bull @ SRC Lawn 6-10pm
Friday Feb 3rd Sports Day @ Chapman Park 12-4pm
Saturday Feb 4th Homcoming Game @ Titan Gym 6-9pm
Monday Feb 6th Ultimate Frisbee @ SRC Lawn 6-9pm
Tuesday Feb 7th TSU Underground 7-9pm
Wednesday Feb 8th Jousting Knights @ SRC Lawn 6-10pm

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Sigma Nu Supporting Alpha Delta Pi and participating in Pi Week 2011. All the proceeds from Pi Week go to The Ronald McDonald House

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